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Consultations from £50

Personal Development

Astrology can be used as a tool for greater self-awareness and hence greater self-understanding. This helps with one’s inner confidence and helps strengthen one’s sense of personal self-worth. Ultimately, this enables the individual to tackle difficult decisions, situations and relationships with a mature, wise composure.

“Through her astrological consultations, Janet has taught me how to look objectively at myself. She helped me get through a traumatic period following my divorce, and I have gained greater insight into how I feel about myself and thus how to approach others.” 

Veronica, Kingston-upon-Thames 

Vocational/Professional guidance

The birthchart allows us to identify talents and aptitudes of the individual enabling him/her to make informed choices regarding career.

 “I am totally amazed! Thank you again for today’s reading.”

Sharon, Surrey




Astrology can help us understand why we get on with some people, and not with others. The charts of each party involved in the relationship can be studied and compared for compatability.

“I have found Janet to be very professional, and full of compassion in this area. She makes one feel very at ease and thus able to open up. She helped me immensely by giving me a much better understanding of myself and how I relate to other people which has enabled me to improve my relationships both on a professional and personal level. Her understanding of astrology, and how she explains it, makes it all seem so simple!”

Alison, Devon

Decision Making

Astrology is unique in that we can look at the actual timing of events as planets currently in the sky connect with planetary positions in our birth chart. Thus Astrology can offer guidance in both our personal and business life.

 “Janet was able to help guide me through a difficult period involving business decisions. The detail given me on the timing of events helped me with decisions involving my future“

G., London