Boris Johnson resigns

Boris – gone today, here tomorrow?

At the time of his election as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, on 23 July, 2019, planetary activity in the sky (of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars – all known as the “personality planets”) was very much focussed on travelling through the house of profession and vocation (10th house) in Boris’ natal chart, drawing attention to this area of his life and signposting the potential of something significant about to happen to him or for him.  The Sun in the sky had just moved into the sign of Leo – the fire sign of Kings, Leaders, Governors, and also of artists and actors, and was bridled on each side by Mars (in Leo) – planet of action, and Mercury and Venus (both in the water sign of Cancer) – planets of communication and friendship.  This was the optimistic energy seated in this area of Boris’ life.  Interesting,  because natally Boris has no planets in the 10th house, nor does he have any natal planets in fire.  The fiery energy of the Sun in Leo was highlighting in no uncertain terms Boris’ professional ambitions.  We might even say his destiny, since the North Node – point of future destiny – also sat alongside these other planets.   The North Node is an astronomical point where the Moon’s path crosses that of the Sun (ecliptic) – a cycle of 18.66 years – meaning it would be another 18-19 years before the destiny point fell in this house again.  This emphasised the importance of the moment. 

Was Boris about to meet his fate?

Boris as an individual with strong air in his chart (Libra Ascendant, Sun Gemini, Mercury and Venus Gemini) has natural communication and social skills, and an active intelligence which needs constant stimulation in order to feel satisfied.  He therefore thrives on discussions of any kind.  His strong mutability (no less than 7 planets out of 10 in mutable signs, including the Saturn-Uranus opposition) give him this sometimes perceived “slippery” or “dithery” presence.  However, make no mistake, his stubborn and determined Moon in Scorpio along with his Pluto-Uranus conjunction give him plenty of “guts” and tenacity – more than enough to deal with leadership threats and Cabinet re-shuffles!

If we relate Boris’ chart to the accepted chart for the UK (the 1801 chart of the Union of Great Britain and Ireland on 01.01.1801 at 00.00am LMT, Westminster, England) we see that the angles of both charts (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Immum Coeli) coincide almost exactly, with very similar degrees of signs on each of the four angles.  The angles of the chart are said to be the structure or backbone on which the rest of the chart energy rests.  Particularly importantly, the UK Sun, at 10 degrees 11 minutes of Capricorn sits tightly conjunct Boris’s house of home, ancestry, roots and “parenthood” – his 4th house.  Like the transitting North Node in his 10th house at the time of his election, this also has a somewhat “fated” feel to it…..a feel of being responsible for the Family of the UK.

At the time of Boris’ election, Saturn, planet that demands hard work before giving out any rewards had moved into his 4th house of home and was moving towards conjoining Pluto, planet of transformation and also, for some, of fate. Pluto gets a bad press as the planet of death, but in fact, it is about bringing the end of old outdated, outworn ideas, situations, or relationships to allow the new to come in through a slow and sometimes painful, but usually lonely, process of metamorphosis (much like the caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly).  Although Saturn has moved on into middle/end of Aquarius, Pluto (at the time of writing) is still travelling through Boris’ 4th house and will be until the 2030’s.  This suggests that not only Boris, but also the UK (since they share similar degrees on the 4th and 5th house cusps) will live with what Pluto is demanding (transformation) for a while to come yet.  For Boris, this might mean moving house yet again – perhaps more than once, but for the UK it could mean a drastic change of the basic structure of its roots, and the Union.  We should not dread this, since all change takes us forward in some way that is needed.  If we always sit in a cave, we never know that the sun shines.

Many have written of Boris’ need to be liked.  It reflects his Libran Ascendant.  His Cancer Midheaven/point of vocation is traditionally the sign of the Mother/parent, suggesting the need to nurture, to care for as well as to be needed.  Water signs are sensitive and sometimes vulnerable and combined with the Libra search for acceptance,  might suggest a personality too weak to stand up to the rebels within the Party currently flashing knives.  But the emotional resilience of his Scorpio Moon, with huge regenerative capabilities (not to mention the eager Gemini active intelligence referred to above) stands well with his determination to get the job done.

So, was he going to stay or go?  The astrology suggested this year into next would be critical.  The planet Uranus – an outer, slow-moving planet bringing change through unexpected occurrences and which, like Pluto, moves us forward whether we like it or not – has been travelling in the sky connecting to two important planets for Boris.

They are the planets Jupiter, and Neptune, sitting in tight opposition in his natal chart, and which rule his 6th house of daily routine, work and …. health.  Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, sits in Taurus, in the 8th house, suggesting good luck or at least opportunity and optimism around creativity with other people’s money and possibly even inheritance.  Would he perhaps have made a better Chancellor?  However, the opposition to Neptune (loss, chaos, confusion) in Scorpio in the 2nd house would, I feel, disrupt such potential, so we are probably better off not having had him as Chancellor!

Uranus can be extremely disruptive.  In the middle of May of this year (2022) it connected exactly with these two 6th house planets, via its conjunction with Boris’ Jupiter, before moving forwards.

In May, we had endless “partygate” allegations, threatening Boris’ credibility as Leader of the Government.  He also surprised us with a personal visit to Kyiv.  Then there have been the recent “pincher”  stories with allegations of lies.

He survived these irritating and persistent threats until today, 7th July 2022.

However, Uranus goes retrograde and will pass over Jupiter again in December this year, thereby triggering the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune.  We cannot possibly predict what that Uranus transit will bring – we know for certain with Uranus that it will be unpredictable, and unexpected, but it being retrograde suggests there is old ground to go back over, for Boris personally, but also for the Conservative Party as a whole –  issues to be reflected upon – before things can return to a new “normal”.  Financial allegations may have to be re-visited, and a “cleansing” period may be required, perhaps in the area of donations to the Party, and/or government financial policy may require adjusting.  The Conservative Party might even think about bringing Boris back into government. 

As we have seen, Boris is the proverbial “escape artist” – he was resilient in even dire circumstances.  But in the Spring of 2023 he could face another major test/challenge/threat/decision if things have not been changed to allow his progress.  It is in March 2023 that Uranus makes its final passage over Boris’ Jupiter in Taurus.  Then it will be a time for moving on.  For both Boris and the Nation, (since as explained above, their charts are so similar), although whether they move on together remains to be seen. 

Significantly, at the same time as the final Uranus transit over the Jupiter/Neptune opposition, Boris will experience his third Saturn return.  Saturn returns in the sky to the same position it was in at the time of his birth – 5 degrees of Pisces.  Saturn takes approximately 29/30 years to travel back to the same place as its cycle around the Sun takes that long.  A Saturn return is therefore a significant milestone in the life.  As with all cycles of death, transition and new growth (as in Nature) we can expect things to change.  It looks, therefore, that Spring next year will bring a shift in his life path. And as in Nature, some bulbs wither and die off ….. some grow to flower again!  But not always in the same place that they were planted.

Natally, Saturn sits in Boris’ 5th house of creative self-expression.  Perhaps he will settle to write his memoirs at this time.  With four planets in Gemini – Sun, Venus, Mercury (dignified and therefore strong in its own sign) and Mars – he certainly has the tools.  Public speaking? ….  perhaps not his strongest talent.

I feel that this period, between May 2022 and March 2023 will seal his fate one way or the other with regards to his work routine.  With the Uranus transit outstanding to complete (March 2023) and the Saturn Return approaching (April 2023) I feel there will be a new page to be turned in Boris’ book of life.